bottoms up

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is go out for a boozey dinner with my main squeeze. I love love love having fancy cocktails, tasty appetizers and a big delicious din din. We usually only do it up at the fancy-type joints a couple times a month since we tend to rack up quite the tab.

When we’re not out on the town, we do a fair share of cooking at home… but we hardly ever booze. Well maybe it’s time to change that! We definitely have the space to add a little bar area either in our dining room or basement. I would love to have an endless stash of vodka and a fun mix of cute cocktail glasses on display. Then we would just need to get Miss Fern an apron and she could be our barmaid.

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One thought on “bottoms up

  1. Let me know when your throwing together a booze night. I'll join you for a glass, or two, or three!

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