are you my mother?

Mother’s Day is approaching and these cute little guys are in need of a mum! I am all stocked up on small trinkets, so I’m trying to cut myself off. A great way to add character to a space is by stashing unique little odds and ends in unexpected places. Etsy is the perfect source for this kind of stuff. I’m very tempted to swap out our plain glass kitchen canisters with the more earthy ones below… ahhh! NO! I don’t need them. Someone please adopt these little buggers before I can!

Vintage Ceramic Pot, Science Glassware Industrial Cloche, Porcelain Glove Mold, Mid Century Canister Set, Herds Cushion Cover, Vintage Seltzer Water Bottle

2 thoughts on “are you my mother?

  1. i saw your post on etsy's home decor so started browsing your site. love your blog (obviously as i'm looking at some really old stuff!) but was soo surprised to see me little bits from etsy! thank you!

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